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Classical Christian Academy Royal Raffle

October 29th, 2008 by Angelos

Please consider supporting Classical Christian Academy by purchasing a raffle ticket. For more details, you may visit our web site at This is our largest fund raising event of the 2008-2009 school year. Only $100 Per Ticket! Need Not Be Present To Win! Only 200 tickets will be sold for each prize! The grand prize is 2 Yamaha Rapter ATV’s with trailer, A trip to Scotland and England that includes $5,000.00 in travel money, and a Cruise to any destination to include $2,500.00 in travel money!

The Royal Raffle and Benefit Ball is happening on November 22, 2008. It will be held at the Greyhound Park and Event Center located in Post Falls, Idaho. Dinner tickets cost $50. We’ll kick off the evening with a sit-down dinner catered by The Oval Office, after which you will be serenaded by some of CCA’s own talented young artists. Following dinner we will have a celebration of monumental proportions as we boogie to the sounds of Tuxedo Junction, wherein on-site dance professionals will provide fun and entertaining instruction for everyone in ballroom, swing, and other styles of dance. We’ll top off the evening with the drawing of the winning tickets for our incredible Royal Raffle prizes.

For Tickets and Information Please Call Mike Marquardt at 208-292-2850.

What Is Classical Education?

The Classical Method refers to the style of education and also the content of the studies.

The Classical Method emphasizes the basics including mathematics, history, the sciences, and language studies including a study of Latin and classic literature. An awareness of and appreciation for the heritage of western civilization is developed.

Latin is introduced at the 4th grade level. Students will appreciate Latin’s value for English vocabulary and grammar, as a basis for foreign languages, and for training in detailed systematic study.

The Classical Method of study is organized according to the “Trivium,” the three-phase approach to education that capitalizes on developmental characteristics of students as they mature.

- The Grammar stage (K-6th grade) emphasizes the acquisition of basic facts in each subject. Young students enjoy absorbing information through songs, recitation, repetitious activities, and educational games.

- The Logic stage (grades 7-9) focuses on organizing facts learned in the Grammar stage while helping students address the question, “Why?” A formal study of logic gives focus to the naturally argumentative nature of students in this stage. Other tools of learning include debates, as well as research and persuasive writing projects.

- The Rhetoric stage (grades 10-12) refines the students’ ability to persuasively express the grammar and logic of a subject through written and oral presentations, as well as debate.

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